Scope of Services

Scope of Services

Pre-Construction Define Phase

Construction cost

We provide our Gila River Flooring clients with an “Estimated” construction cost and cost to tile floor as a baseline on what the project might cost initially until all specific items have been provided or scope of work is changed due to unforeseen items.


We will obtain and review necessary permits for the construction project with the Owner/ Client.

Safety Programs

Review and discuss Safty program with the Owner and Project resources.

Plan Review

We will review drawings provided form retailers, product data, samples and other submitted design or information.

Project Schedule Design

We review and document the project scope and recommend a schedule for the duration. This schedule will have a timeline with dates.

Materials Purchase Schedule

We determine a schedule for the purchase of materials, equipment, and utilities required to complete the installation.

Resource Assignments

We assign the resources roles & responsibilities and provide the Project manager name for the installation.

Construction Implement Phase

Consult All Parties

Commmunicate and review with the Owner/ Client, Contractor and Architect the project timelines and milestones.

Project Monitoring

Project Manager will document and monitor the project for deliverable completions and project unexpectancies.

Manage Documents

We will manage project documents at the site and ensure the plans are reviewed daily for status and/ or changes.

Project Changes

We will recommend, document and provide suggested changes to the project unforeseen items. This will be executed with a  change request form for cost tracking.

Contruction Completion Phase

Punch List

We will perform walk-through and review the project installation with the Owner/ Client. At that time a list of items may be created for repairs.

Project Close-Out

We will review, discuss and provide a walk-through of the project completion. The Owner/ Client will provide sign-off at this time.