Carpet Selections


There are different types of carpet craft and styles. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Berber or Loop

This is a really big bulky yarn that either produced in a level loop or multi-level loop carpet construction.


This is a thicker, typically longer yarn carpet construction which gives a very soft feel.

Cut and Loop

This is also known as Patterned carpet is a combination of cut and looped yarns that provides variations in the surface textures creating a pattern.


This is a cut pile style with a very high twist level, meaning each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly that it actually curls over at the end giving the appearance of a knobby look. This is a very durable material.


This is cut pile carpet that has alternating twists of yarn creating a two-tone visual affect.


This is yarn positioned in a uniformed twist and finishes with smooth, soft, velvet plush look and a luxurious feel.