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There are different types of carpet craft and styles. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Berber or Loop

This is a really big bulky yarn that either produced in a level loop or multi-level loop carpet construction.


This is a thicker, typically longer yarn carpet construction which gives a very soft feel.

Cut and Loop

This is also known as Patterned carpet is a combination of cut and looped yarns that provides variations in the surface textures creating a pattern.


This is a cut pile style with a very high twist level, meaning each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly that it actually curls over at the end giving the appearance of a knobby look. This is a very durable material.


This is cut pile carpet that has alternating twists of yarn creating a two-tone visual affect.


This is yarn positioned in a uniformed twist and finishes with smooth, soft, velvet plush look and a luxurious feel.

Top Tips That Can Make Your Carper Floor To Last For A Long Time

Expanding the life cycle of carpet is the biggest concern when installing carpet flooring for customers. Depending on the type of carpet the cost can be insignificant to expensive. When you are looking to preserve the life of your carpet you should service it annually. Gila River Flooring is a professional services provider of  Carpet Installation in Glendale, AZ, During and after the installation process we will show you how to maintain your carpet to keep it looking and smelling new. We have provided a couple of tips for you to follow:

Choose the right vacuum cleaner: A vacuum is the best equipment that you will use often to clean and remove debris from your carpet. Make sure that you have a vacuum that is going to clean your carpet without damaging. Cheaper models of vacuums have been shown to damage some types of carpet. You want a vacuum cleaner that makes it easy to clean your carpet. It should have the capability to collect dust, debris which is buried inside the carpet. This will automatically prolong the life of your carpet.

Get your carpet professional cleaned: You will be amazed at the difference your carpet will look when it has been kept and cleaned annually by a cleaning services provider, it will literally add life to the carpet. They always use the advanced-cleaning methods to get the carpet cleaned. This will help you clear all the debris, which is deep inside the carpet and at times not visable to the naked eye. This cannot be achieved without the help of flooring and carpet cleaning professionals.

Do not wear shoes in the house: When you are walking over the carpet floor, then you should make sure not to use shoes. This can make your carpet look dirty and can damage your floor too. The majority of carpet is damaged due to people tracking debris onto it from shoes.

Do not walk bare feet on your carpet: Whenever you walk on the carpet floor with your bare feet the natural oil from your body is imbedded in the carpet. The oil is present inside the body gets transferred over the carpet floor. Over time the oil will buildup and attract dust, dirt, and debris. To avoid this, you should have house slippers at home that you only use when you are walking on the carpet.

Clean stains immediately: Stains are quite common when you have carpet floor. When an accident happens or the children track or spill something onto the carpet make sure that it gets cleaned immediately. You can do this with the help of the shampoos, and you can even purchase professional cleaners for getting that cleaned. One good way to quickly get rid of stains is club soda.

When you are cleaning your carpet use a professional.  You want it done right! They have the best cleaning products and equipment. Gila River Flooring is always willing to help you find a floor cleaning company if needed. All you have to do is give us a call!